Bluecore’s back

Sooner than expected, I was notified that Bluecore had been repaired and was awaiting to be retrieved in the support center. Thanks to my never-ending laziness, however, the retrieval did not take place until yesterday.

The verdict was that the screen had to be replaced.

A big problem with this is that I still see the same gray stains beneath the screen’s outer layer that were there back in February the last time I used Bluecore, around the top left corner of the panel, which brings up the question, what did they mean by “screen”?

Whoever did the repairs or testing managed to boot and properly shutdown Linux several times, so my logs indicate that the first successful boot (resuming from hibernation) took place around 15:30 UTC-04:00 (+DST) on April 28th. I’m glad that they figured out how to turn it off from the KDE display manager instead of resorting to wild button pushing.

Since the repairs were effected under an “extended warranty” plan from the store at which Bluecore was purchased, the only mission of the tech support people was to make Bluecore boot again, so everything else (fan, keyboard, etc.) is still in the same crappy conditions, except for the touchpad buttons — oddly enough, the right button is no longer hyper-sensitive to touch and works correctly.

I’d love to know exactly how a screen replacement fixed the laptop or whether it is really possible and valid to replace all display components bar the outer transparent material layers with the aforementioned stains.