Wesnoth RCX 0.2.1

A new release of Wesnoth RCX is now available for download!

  • Source code: wesnoth-rcx-0.2.1.tar.bz2 (Bzip2 tarball, 106.8 KiB)
    SHA1 checksum: ed114fb2776254a89491c0c014efb6da500693e0
  • Windows: wesnoth-rcx-0.2.1-win32.zip (Zip archive, 4.9 MiB)
    SHA1 checksum: e6ed82f6a914d52a799527637562bfb4f5baa61b
  • Mac OS X: wesnoth-rcx-0.2.1.dmg (Application image, 16.7 MiB)
    SHA1 checksum: 221c0006ce8beed5d81f4a9637629a12d4fe0730
    Contributed by Alarantalara.

Shortly after 0.2.0 was released, it was brought to my attention that it wouldn’t compile against Qt versions older than 4.8.0, even though the documentation says it should work with version 4.6.0 and later. I quickly amended that and published a patch (found amongst the 0.2.0 downloads in the previous announcement) addressing those issues. That patch is obviously no longer necessary, since the compatibility changes are integrated in 0.2.1 and later. Furthermore, I now have easy access to a build environment using 4.6 to ensure such a situation does not occur again.

A well known issue at the time 0.2.0 was released was some rather excessive memory usage when zooming in, especially for large pictures. 0.2.1 solves this by using a more conservative approach for zooming; in a particular case this decreases memory usage from around 1.1 GiB to just around 50 MiB.

Wesnoth RCX now remembers the main window size and the preview background color each time. Additionally, it’s now possible to apply TC to a whole color palette in the Palette Editor dialog, using the new Recolor option.

Finally, a few minor interaction issues were fixed in this release, including the Add from List option (Palette Editor) being available and non-functional when no palettes are selected.

Bugs and feature requests should preferably be posted to the issue tracker at Github so I don’t have a chance to forget about them.

Of course, as usual you can provide other kinds of feedback through the Wesnoth.org forum topic and this announcement post. It would be nice to hear from you if you use this software, regardless of whether you liked it or not — any feedback is appreciated here.


Go test and create, and have lots of fun!