iridácea n. [es] any plant in the Iridaceae family.
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Screaming at computers until magic happens

Hi there! I’m Iris, a.k.a. Irydacea. You may know me for my work on the game The Battle for Wesnoth and two fairly popular player-made campaigns I wrote for it, Invasion from the Unknown and After the Storm.

I have been part of the Wesnoth development team since as far back as 2007, and part of its website staff since 2009. Most of my work for the game consists of small additions and fixes on the engine side of things, although I have also been responsible for a lot of additional UI work over the years. For a period of time I also took up maintaining and running the game’s add-ons server, in addition to my existing commitment to the forums board, wiki, and the LAMP stack sitting behind them.

My programming skills aren’t much to write home about, but I can handle most C++, Python, Perl and Lua you throw at me (coffee tax may vary). I also have some rather rusty knowledge of HTML, CSS, Sass, PHP and Javascript — the design for the live Wesnoth website used since 2017 is all my work.

I have contributed substantial Spanish translation work to Wesnoth and Atheme IRC Services in the past, but these days I almost never use software in Spanish so I prefer to stick to proofreading instead.

Sometimes I do pixel art for my Wesnoth content or for personal practice, and post about it on social media.

Contacting me

You may contact me on Mastodon, IRC, or via email, in that order — however, if it is for business communications, you should stick to email. My presence on IRC these days can be rather sporadic even though my client is connected 24/7, so do not rely on me seeing your messages there.

I can also be found on a number of other sites, but you should not contact me through those unless we have previously communicated. This list exists mainly to confirm the authenticity of those accounts.