Project codename
(final name pending)
Anything that runs Python ≥ 3.9
Programming languages
Python ≥ 3.9

Tessa is a Discord bot that can be configured to automatically post reactions to all new messages in a set of channels, or automatically removed banned reactions and log a record of the action. It was written to help a friend running a Discord guild where people used reactions to community announcements to get around moderation rules.

This bot is built upon the discord.py library.


The complete source code history and the latest bleeding-edge changes can be found at the Tessa Git repository on GitHub.

You may also clone the repository with Git:

git clone https://github.com/irydacea/tessa.git


There isn’t a public instance of the bot or a website frontend for it, so setting up the bot is currently a manual procedure and you need a Discord account able to add new applications and obtain an API token this way. Installation instructions for new instances of the bot are included in the README.md file.