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As a long-time fan of The Battle for Wesnoth, I have written a couple of player-made campaigns of my own, with plans to write more in the future! People in the Wesnoth community mostly know me for Invasion from the Unknown, a sequel to the mainline campaign Under the Burning Suns that has influenced and inspired countless add-ons to date.

Project Ethea

Project Ethea organization icon
Project codenames
After the Storm
Project Y
Programming languages
WML, Lua, Python (tooling), Perl (tooling)

Since 2017, IftU and all related campaigns that strictly follow its canon are developed under the Project Ethea organization on GitHub.

At this time, Project Ethea comprises the following material:

Invasion from the Unknown
Unofficial sequel to Under the Burning Suns — the campaign that started it all.
After the Storm
Official sequel to Invasion from the Unknown — a sequel of a sequel.
Codename Naia
Shared WML/Lua library package and build/maintenance toolchain components for IftU and AtS.

Past related add-ons that have received creative guidance or art/code contributions from me but are not officially part of Project Ethea include Shadows of Deception (by Vultraz), Genesis (by Yumi/Nemaara), Era of Chaos (by Astrid), and The Silver Lands (by Espreon).


Back in 2008 and well before freely-available repository hosting platforms like GitHub and GitLab became commonplace, I started the Coordinated Wesnoth UMC Development Project (Wesnoth-UMC-Dev) on SourceForge in collaboration with Eric S. Raymond. Our intention was to maintain an official staging area for Wesnoth player content pending addition to the core game, a rather involved task requiring extensive prose and code reviews by ESR and other mainline Wesnoth developers.

The mainline Wesnoth campaigns Legend of Wesmere, Delfador’s Memoirs, and Dead Water were incorporated into the game with my supervision and technical assistance during Wesnoth-UMC-Dev’s heyday. Invasion from the Unknown was once slated for addition to mainline as well. Other popular add-ons which once were or continue to be hosted as Wesnoth-UMC-Dev subprojects include To Lands Unknown, Bad Moon Rising, Trinity, Brotherhood of Light, Undead Empire, Era of Myths, and Extended Era.

Over time, administration of the project changed hands and now it is run by Alexander van Gessel (AI/AI0867). Because of Git effectively dethroning Subversion (SVN) as the reigning version control system standard, the project is now in a dormant state and most subprojects (including IftU and AtS) have moved off to other platforms.