Weldyn2 phpBB Extensions

As part of my work running the Wesnoth.org forums since 2009, I have written a few phpBB extensions and patches for our use there. They are not particularly impressive and their application outside of Wesnoth.org is very limited at best, but I am listing them here for the sake of completeness.


These can be found at the weldyn2-extensions repository on GitHub and include the following:

privatemessageip — Private Message Sender IP
Adds an IP field to the profile display on UCP private message views including the author’s IP, to make this information readily available to moderators and administrators without having to report the PM first.
profilewesnothd — Wesnoth MP Profile Info
Enables the last MP server join time to be displayed for each account where available and allowed by the account settings/the current viewing user's permissions.
profileregistrationip — Profile Registration IP
Enables administrators with the Can Manage Users permission to see the IP address a user registered with on their profile page.
ruleslink — Rules Link
Adds a link to the forum board's rules (Posting Guidelines) to the navbar, allowing the topic id to be set in the ACP.
signaturelinecap — Signature Line Cap
Implements a line count limit for user signatures.


The Weldyn2 repository consists of the vanilla phpBB 3.3 codebase with a few patches on top for integration with Wesnoth’s web platform. The following ones might be of interest to people, but I do not intend to offer any kind of support for using them outside of their original environemnt.

wesnothd username compatibility check on registration
Adds new username character rules to User Registration Settings in the ACP, which when selected guarantees that only usernames considered valid by Wesnoth’s MP server software (wesnothd) can be registered. The username character check functionality still does not have any extension hooks as of phpBB 3.3.9, so an old-fashioned mod is required.
prosilver: Make [code] blocks expandable/collapsible
This adds functionality to the [code] bbCode UI in forum posts to expand/collapse individual blocks. It allows users to more easily see the contents of an overlong block without having to scroll it.