Status of After the Storm and Invasion from the Unknown

Frequent visitors of the Scenario & Campaign Development Forum at’s board may have noticed that there’s a release announcement for After the Storm version 0.3, which is available at the official 1.9.x add-ons server and at thanks to the Wesnoth-UMC-Dev Project.

I’m certain at this point that I can’t promise regular updates, but I’m trying to resurrect this project after a long period of inactivity that unfortunately followed the ceasing of development on its predecessor Invasion from the Unknown.

The truth is, I have been busy with all sorts of stuff this year — as a result, AtS has had to endure some parental abandonment. Although things aren’t becoming much easier for me in the following weeks, I hope to be able to finish episode I by next February, if not earlier.

As for IftU, I may resurrect it for 1.9.x if my time and creativity allows. Some convenient conversions of WML code to Lua are already done in SVN trunk, and at least the first scenario works, but more testing is required. In any case it’s unlikely to see the sunlight again until some more drastic (non-technical) changes I have planned become possible.