Wesnoth RCX 0.1.3

Release early, release often, they say.

The source code, and a brand-new Windows binary for a new bugfix release of Wesnoth RCX are now available!

  • Source code: wesnoth-rcx-0.1.3.tar.gz (Gzip tarball, 64 KiB)
    SHA1 checksum: 8da029389cda28adde02d51d054be7c1108a20d2
  • Windows package: wesnoth-rcx-0.1.3-win32.zip (Zip archive, 5.2 MiB)
    SHA1 checksum: bb35cf5c11daaa9de16d67f512ca7bdd6292a0c5
  • Mac OS X binary: morningstar.app.zip (Bundle, 12.7 MiB)
    SHA1 checksum: 66f9f0b4fdf447564a9fb3f73898ba8479402694
    This binary is kindly provided by Alarantalara from the forums.

The only important change in this version fixes a bug in 0.1.2 and earlier causing job output to be created out of sequence — file #1 and #2 would be red TC, #3 blue, #4 green, and so on.

As my Twitter followers can tell, I downloaded and installed the Qt4 SDK for Windows and successfully compiled and ran Wesnoth RCX on a virtual machine with Windows XP SP3. Some additional DLLs are included in the package, so it’s necessary to run the included morningstar.exe from the original folder after extraction. I don’t think I’ll bother with an installer this soon, since this is after all a work-in-progress and I can’t concentrate on programming and packaging at the same time.<

I do hope however that the existence of a Windows (2000/XP and later) version of RCX will help spread the word and attract more testers and artists to it. 😉

As with the last time, the instructions for building the source are in the included INSTALL file in the distribution archive. This file is not present in the Win32 distribution for obvious reasons.

Don’t hesitate to comment on RCX’s development, usability, bugs, or suggest new features! The only way things can get fixed or improved is that you make sure I am aware of what needs to be changed. If you think you can help with something else, please tell me!

UPDATE (2010-10-27): added direct link for the Mac OS X bundle download provided by Alarantalara.

UPDATE (2010-12-06): migrated files to SourceForge.net