Blog database upgrade

After some recent changes in Debian testing’s PHP 5 packages triggered an alarm—namely, breaking my laptop’s own Serendipity installation used for testing—I did some research, and found out that due to my severe laziness, when I originally configured the respective s9y installations I chose to use the SQLite 2 backend using some deprecated (now gone), built-in PHP functionality, instead of using the newer and better SQLite 3. Of course, given the situation when I did the configuration for it’s also possible I didn’t have a choice.

For this reason, I just finished casting some magic enchantments on this site to convert the blog database to SQLite 3. Evidence indicates that a mere dump suffices for this end, and the schema matches a fresh installation with SQLite 3 save for a few inconsequential bits.

None of this means there was an immediate problem, but I opted for not fixing tomorrow… later today, what I could fix this early morning.

Everything seems to be working fine, although I grabbed a backup of the previous configuration just in case. I’ve heard that SQLite 3 is faster and more space-efficient. The latter does seem to be the case, but since I’m limited to a crappy, high-latency mobile broadband connection to browse the web, I am unable to verify the former for the foreseeable future.

Should any problems arise for you (few) readers, you know what to do.