After the Storm 0.9.1

Version 0.9.1 is out!

Since the campaign is complete, any future—and hopefully infrequent—releases from now on will consist mostly of bug fixes, balancing changes, art updates, and very minor features. On this particular occasion, I played the campaign end-to-end on Wesnoth 1.11.2 to make sure various 1.11.x-specific issues were solved as early as possible in order to make the eventual transition to 1.12 as smooth as possible. I will try to make sure future releases of the campaign are well-tested against future Wesnoth development versions as well. (Future, future, future.)

Because of a very annoying player side data loss bug (#20373) affecting various E3 scenarios, I decided to drop support for Wesnoth 1.11.1, thus only Wesnoth 1.10.x and 1.11.2 are supported for this release! I will simply ignore any future reports on technical issues occurring on 1.11.1.

Aside from the aforementioned, some other noteworthy changes in this release include making E3S13 an optional/bonus cutscene as it was originally intended to be, adding very simple AMLAs for two main characters throughout E2 and E3, updating the Aragwaithi units to match bumbadadabum’s and vultraz’s changes to the faction from the Era of Chaos add-on (as of version 1.1.0), as well as an amount of minor prose fixes and improvements from vultraz, 8680, and me.

The complete changelog for this version follows:

Version 0.9.1:
* General:
* Added workaround code for a problem with the `[lock_view]` implementation and
its interaction with unit movement via `[move_unit_fake]/[move_unit]` on
Wesnoth 1.11.x.
* Made it so sequences using `[animate_attack]` do not display a floating label
when dealing 1 HP damage since most of the time this is a consequence of
dealing 100% HP on the target with kill=no, or other reasons along the same
* Graphics:
* New or updated unit graphics: Elynia, Ivyel, Argan.
* Scenarios:
* Fixed several instances (E1S7, etc.) of sighted events taking place
prematurely on Wesnoth 1.11.x.
* Fixed several instances of loyal units auto-recall code causing warnings on
Wesnoth 1.11.x.
* Minor prose fixes, tweaks, and enhancements throughout the entire campaign.
* E1S7 - The Search for the Past:
* Glyphs needed to end the scenario are now marked with a blinking tile
outline (requires halos to be enabled in Display preferences).
* Minor cutscene improvements.
* Reworked message glyphs' code so their messages can be triggered as many
times as the player wants (NOTE: the last glyph triggered will still
unconditionally trigger the end of the scenario).
* E1S9.1 - The Triad, part 1:
* Minor gameplay improvements.
* Removed duplicate character line during the initial sequence.
* E1S9.2 - The Triad, part 2:
* Reworked some code for increased robustness.
* E1S9.3 - The Triad, part 3:
* Reworked some code for increased robustness.
* E1S10 - Tears:
* Fixed gold carryover from E1S8 (Fear) being reduced to its 40% (for an
effective carryover of 16%) when calculating the initial player gold
supply for this scenario.
* Reduced minimum starting gold to compensate for the bug fix above.
* E1S11.1 - Return to Wesmere, part 1:
* Fixed "retrieving member of non-existent WML container" warnings at the
start of the scenario.
* E1S11.2 - Return to Wesmere, part 2:
* Fixed spurious "retrieving member of non-existent WML container" warning
at the end of the scenario.
* E2S1 - By the Moonlight:
* Minor balancing changes.
* E2S4 - Shifting Allegiances:
* Minor map balancing tweaks.
* Reduced turn limit from 34/33/32 to 28/27/26.
* Other minor balancing changes.
* E2S7 - Proximus:
* Fixed minor fog refresh issues during the initial cutscene.
* E2S8 - And then there was Chaos:
* Minor balancing changes to increase difficulty.
* E2S9 - New Hive:
* Minor balancing changes.
* E3S3 - Amidst the Ruins of Glamdrol:
* Apply the default AMLA to Kyara and Horo a predefined amount of times on
prestart according to the difficulty level.
* Made it so neither the player nor Nar-hamoth can land a hit on each other.
* E3S4 - Outpost of Hell:
* Fix specific units being unintentionally visible during a white screen
* Fixed "trying to remove non-existent menu item" warning at the end of
the scenario on Wesnoth 1.11.x under certain conditions.
* Make sure side 2 units also get their demolition ability and overlay
removed at the end.
* E3S5 - Pass of Sorrows:
* Make the teleportation/exposition event in the middle of the scenario
work as intended.
* E3S7B - Dark Sea:
* Make the northwestern Shaxthal and eastern undead sides less prone to
stealing player villages.
* E3S9 - Dark Depths:
* Minor boss fight improvements.
* Minor cutscene improvements.
* E3S10 - Blood:
* Made the foreshadowing moon combination have a x4 multiplier effect
instead of x5 on all difficulty levels, not just Hard.
* E3S13 - Epilogue:
* Fixed some cutscene-only female units not having their gender specified
in WML or translatable strings.
* This scenario is now only accessible after recovering an object hidden in
a previous scenario.
* Terrains:
* Experimental fix for the long-standing gate clipping issue when adjacent to
stone wall corners.
* Units:
* Added sidebar icon for units affected by the 'stun' weapon special.
* Added sidebar icon for units affected by the movement range bind spell.
* Applied changes from bumbadadabum's "The Aragwaithi" add-on, versions 1.0.6
through 1.0.9, and "Era of Chaos" version 1.1.0:
* Archer HP increased from 26 to 28.
* Granted the new 'precision' weapon special to the Greatbow's ranged
* Increased Guard's blade resistance from 10% to 20%.
* Increased Guard's XP from 64 to 74.
* Decreased Guard's cost from 28 to 27.
* Decreased Pikeman's cost from 38 to 28.
* Increased Shield Guard's cost from 37 to 45.
* Increased Shield Guard's blade and pierce resistances from 10% to 20%.
* Granted the 'marksman' weapon special to the Swordsmaster.
* Renamed the Aragwaith Witch's image files (may break saved games from
* Various animation fixes and updates.
* Balancing:
* Increased Elynia's (E3) mystic fire attack strength from 5-4 to 5-5.
* Increased Elynia's (post-Divergence) ensnare attack strength from 9-3 to
* Increased Forest Spirit's movement points from 5 to 6.
* Decreased Fallen Faerie's HP from 49 to 43.
* Decreased Fallen Faerie's wail attack strength from 12-3 to 11-3.
* Gave Anya and Elynia special AMLAs for E2 and E3.
* Fixed wrong description for Galas' bolas attack AMLA (stated magical as the
weapon special, it is actually slows).