After the Storm 0.9.6

Version 0.9.6 is out!

Some people in the audience might have heard of a certain revamp taking place a little while ago in the multiplayer Era of Chaos add-on. In fact, this effort was originally started by artisticdude for AtS; he did the basic Demon units (Demon, Demon Grunt, Demon Warrior, Demon Zephyr), which received some touch-ups from me, and then I proceeded to redraw their cousins from scratch in record time. The differences compared to the old baseframes might seem jarring at first, but I can confirm that the original oversized sprites used in IftU and AtS all these years were merely an oversight and not something I actually did on purpose.

This release mostly revolves around graphic updates for the aforementioned unit type groups, compatibility fixes and improvements for the upcoming Wesnoth 1.11.6 (whenever it’s ready), and a catastrophic bug in Episode III scenario 6 (Divergence). Additionally, a unit type was renamed, breaking non-start-of-scenario saved games for the only scenario in which it appears; some unit type descriptions for the in-game help were rewritten, expanded upon, or added for the first time (“FIXME” never counted as a description), and a few unimportant inconsistencies were solved. Not listed in the changelog are a few minor dialogue additions to the last segment of Episode III scenario 10 (Blood).

For those who can afford the 7.32 MiB download, I strongly advise upgrading now instead of continuing to use older versions. Aside from the aforementioned renaming and the scenario it affects, nothing will break. Also note that this is the last version that will accept old saved games from version 0.9.3 and earlier. The faerie race renaming support code will be gone in version 0.9.7.

Special thanks to vultraz, 8680, and artisticdude for their help.

The complete changelog for this version follows:

Version 0.9.6:
* General:
* The workaround for the `[move_unit_fake]/[move_unit]` interaction with
`[lock_view]` is now used only for Wesnoth 1.11.0 through 1.11.5 since a
superior solution is now built into version 1.11.6.
* Graphics:
* New or updated unit graphics: Argan, Elyssa (E1/E2), Demon, Demon Zephyr,
Demon Grunt, Demon Warrior, Demon Messenger, Demoness Spelldancer, Demon
Stormtide, Demoness Hellbent Tide, Demoness Slashing Gale, Angel of Blood,
Errant Executor, Gatekeeper.
* Eliminate various missing image warnings caused by changes to the handling
of custom unit ellipses for ZoC-less (e.g. L0) units in Wesnoth 1.11.6 and
* Fixed issues with invisible L0/stunned unit ellipses on Wesnoth 1.11.6 and
* Scenarios:
* E2S4 - Shifting Allegiances:
* Fixed Tara's loyal icon overlay ending up assigned to a Rock Golem.
* E3S4.1 - Outpost of Hell:
* Mark "Defeat all enemy leaders" as an optional bonus objective as opposed
to alternative.
* E3S6 - Divergence:
* Fix a severe gold management issue.
* Units:
* New unit type descriptions:
* Demon, Demon Zephyr, Demon Grunt, Demon Warrior
* Demoness Messenger
* Elvish Civilian
* Elvish Hunter, Elvish Trapper, Elvish Prowler
* Elvish Wayfarer
* Dusk Faerie, Night Nymph, Nightshade Fire
* Sylvan Warden
* Civilian, Messenger
* Animated Rock, Rock Golem.
* Renamed Demon Spelldancer to Demoness Spelldancer (UI name only).
* Renamed Demon Messenger to Demoness Messenger (UI name only).
* Replaced Demon Lord unit type with the Errant Executor.