Effective as of today the 22nd of February, I have officially resigned from the Wesnoth, Inc. Board of Directors.

The post wherein I inform of this to the Board and the Project Council is not currently public, but I am including its full contents below for reference.

Due to recent changes in my life, I can no longer adequately dedicate time to unpaid activities such as Wesnoth-related work in the way people are probably accustomed to, which is why I have decided to officially step down from my position as member of the Wesnoth Inc Board of Directors. I do intend to continue to be around to help out with server administration and maintenance of the add-ons server software until someone else is able to commit to the same tasks in a more reliable fashion, although my presence on Discord and IRC is going to remain scarce and prompted primarily by direct tagging/highlighting of my username.

It is my hope that the Board will be able to find an adequate replacement and/or expand its membership further so it can continue to uphold the 2/3 requirements stated in the Project Constitution.


Just to be clear, there are no ulterior motives behind my decision and this is purely something that I needed to do in order to better prioritise other work outside of Wesnoth.