Happy anniversary!

13 years ago, today, I made my first Twitter account.

It’s funny how people for years prophetised the danger of centralised social media websites controlling all your data — and by extension your online identity — with no mechanisms to take it elsewhere. People were told they were paranoid, that large sites like this could not possibly become victim to a hostile takeover in the style of what a certain shady so-called “entrepreneur” did to freenode in 2021 (I was there, BTW).

Then an incompetent buffoon that also happens to be a highly malicious transphobe and professional conman bought Twitter Inc for $US 44 billion in 2022.

While I continue to keep my @irydacea account on Twitter in order to safeguard my identity — due to the new inactive accounts policy, although to be fair Musk’s administration really just unshelved an old project of Twitter Inc’s that they backed out of following heavy criticism — I will not be publicising my Twitter account going forward on any public pages, and it will remain private. I updated my About page accordingly, some time ago.

I’ll see you in the Fediverse as @irydacea@fosstodon.org.