Wesnoth RCX 0.1.4

A new feature release of Wesnoth RCX is now available!

  • Source code: wesnoth-rcx-0.1.4.tar.gz (Gzip tarball, 64.2 KiB)
    SHA1 checksum: 8ca7f6354827c56aba4526f2f504d8db34f7acf0
  • Windows package: wesnoth-rcx-0.1.4-win32.zip (Zip archive, 5.2 MiB)
    SHA1 checksum: 3832ddb798110f2e890aecc37519097e1e18e2b6
  • Mac OS X binary: wesnoth-rcx-0.1.4.app.zip (Bundle, 14.9 MiB)
    SHA1 checksum: 60a5724d35b0bf64d02b4553ff9c1543d5964344
    This binary is kindly provided by Alarantalara from the forums.
RCX 0.1.4 Screenshot

The only major change in this version is the addition of zoom support in the user interface, so you can take a look at your team-colored pixel art at 100%, 200%, 400% and 800%, or even at 50%. No more levels are supported at the moment, and will probably never be unless you submit a patch — this is really just supposed to be a help tool, so if you need more exotic zoom levels use a real graphics manipulation tool such as Adobe Photoshop or the GIMP. And don’t forget you can also drag and drop images now!

There’s also a brand-new grayed-out menu for you to observe and admire. Only observe — don’t touch it.

As with the last time, the instructions for building the source are in the included INSTALL file in the distribution archive. This file is not present in the Win32 distribution for obvious reasons.

Don’t hesitate to comment on RCX’s development, usability, bugs, or suggest new features! The only way things can get fixed or improved is that you make sure I am aware of what needs to be changed. If you think you can help with something else, please tell me!