Wespal now has unit tests

While working on Wespal 0.4.0 I ran into many regressions, some of them caused by code refactoring, others by behavioural changes I didn’t entirely foresee, including a particularly annoying one involving the XCF plugin and embedded colour profiles that took me about three nights to have an eureka moment about.

Screenshot of a GitHub Actions job output

My future self is gonna be thankful some day that I finally added a CI workflow and test suite to Wespal, built and run on Linux, macOS, and Windows for each push via GitHub Actions, so I can promptly find out if I accidentally break some of the more crucial components, or cause the whole thing to stop compilling on particular platform because of a missed #ifdef or unusual typedef difference. Or, you know, because while I require Qt 6.4 as a minimum, my development environment actually uses Qt 6.4, so one day I may slip up and add code that does not compile against the 6.4 API.

Now if only I could have CI coverage for the static Windows builds as well...

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Wespal 0.4.0

After a very long hiatus, I finally got around to dusting off an old tool I wrote yeaaaars ago for previewing recoloured Wesnoth assets. Over the past month, I ported it from Qt 4 to Qt 6 (and C++17), cleaned it up, and hopefully properly ensured that this time around everything works 100% fine on macOS — except for the lack of app signing, at least.

Wespal (formerly Wesnoth RCX) version 0.4.0 is out now!

Main window screenshot

File sizes and checksums available at the Project page or at the v0.4.0 release page on GitHub.

Windows and macOS users may need to work around app signing requirements.

EDIT 2024-03-29: Replaced tar.xz tarball with tar.bz2 due to xz no longer being a trustworthy upstream (CVE-2024-3094).

I actually have quite a lot of things to say about this release.

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